Digital strategies

A strategy is your map to success! Creating your map to success starts with looking where you are and where you are going, how you are going there and what means you have at hand to facilitate it. Only you have the answers - but we can help by asking the right questions.

Your magical map to success!

A strategy is really a creating a shortcut to your online success, initiated by analysing the business’ current situation. We help you formulate that secrete sauce focused on the set targets and the achievements reached, without forgetting to highlight under-performances. Once the overall digital presence picture is drawn, a structured workflow process phase begins by discarding, continuing, and/or adding new channels.

Web Analysis

Web Analysis and Measuring

Processes & Ways of working

Processes & Ways of working

Channel Strategies

Let each channel sparkle with Unikorn magic.

Unikorn’s digital strategy magic

Our professional team constructs a digital marketing strategy through the following three main pillars, to achieve efficiently the marked route, and the thought-through targets and goals:

  • Channel strategies
  • Web analysis and metrics
  • Processes and ways of working

By conforming the strategy to be sustained under these three basic strongholds, we create a robust actioning procedure. A framework where everyone knows what to do, when to do it, and how to analyse the results, which provides cost-effectivity, time-efficiency, and high-performance grids.

How does Unikorn’s channel strategy function?

The channel strategy developed by us presents a division and separation of the digital channels integrated into the online presence. An important appreciation fundamental to the message delivered because each channel has a purpose, tone, and focus-point. Identifying these present your company with the potential to formulate precise messages within each channel.

We cannot assume that all touch points are going to accept the exact same message, as they attract different audiences and target groups, in various decision phases. We believe that the one-size-fits-all mentality, fits no-one.

Therefore, designing the correct voice-tone, text length, content type, and keyword structure for each communication channel, accentuates its performance. Resulting in better traction, brand awareness, interaction, and lead quality. Unikorn’s channel strategy accounts with, but not restricted to, an aiding apparatus which includes:

  • Developing your company's vision into target images and KPIs.

  • Creating:

    • A strategic framework for all channels and focus areas.
    • Strategies for each individual channel or focus area.
    • A priority action plan
  • Result follow-ups assuring project learning outcomes.

Implementing Unikorn web analysis and metrics

Having an optimised website performance measure is key to learn from your business’ gains and failures. Without this implementation inside the strategy chain, we are dancing headless chickens moving around the digital sphere without rhyme and reason.

Limping in this area makes the path to better and strive for greater results, hugely complex. Let Unikorn help you walk up-straight with these services:

  • Defining your events and goals.
  • Set them up in your preferred analytics tool.
  • Testing and assuring events and goals fire to measure.
  • Dashboards and reports set-up to on an on-demand basis.

Take your business’ digital needs to a whole new level of insightful data that permits actionability, flexibility, and boosting. Acquiring a digital presence birds-eye-view that facilitates the learning process, and thus constantly tailoring messages that suit your customers’ online journey.

Unikorn’s processes and frameworks

By accepting us as you digital partner to growth hack your digital presence, will involve the statement, “If you work too hard to get sh*t done you are doing it wrong”. A common side effect coming from the lack of workflow processes, which as a result, engages your workforce to stumble and fall.

This pattern is obviously a target no-one wants to achieve, because we strive to become better at what we do without surpassing time consumption. To reach this position in the digital space, the start-up, corporation, and/or multinational must set agreed ways of working and cross-functional processes; it is key-performance implementation.

We at Unikorn have the experience, know-how and womanpower to agglutinate services that can help your company’s digital presence by:

  • Mapping the current situation and workflow.
  • Setting up work processes.
  • Future setup recommendations.

Position your company’s digital visibility, through implementing the team with set actions, directions, formulations, and KPIs. With Unikorn it’s possible to achieve this standard and synchronicity for your online presence and simultaneously the in-house management team.

Provide management with the essential tools to achieve recurrent outstanding results, and at the same time keep time consumption to its bare minimums. Get in touch with us through ordinary mail, phone call or electronic mail, and start your growth hacking digital presence experience on the sunny side of the street.