Channel strategies boost visibility

To achieve results from your channels in the fastest possible and most efficient way, you must have a well-thought-out channel plan. Let us help you figure the best-suited channels for your growth hacking digital presence.

Digital Strategies in smaller pieces

The strategy formulation within your digital presence has to provide a general strategy, followed by other secondary strategies. One of these is the channel strategy involving a series of analysis to understand where your customers and target groups interact. Once these communities are revealed, there has to be a specific message for each channel, curated to standout and shine within each given platform.

The magic starts with a vision, that is translated into a strategic framework, which in its turn steers all projects and investments needed to achieve your set-goal. As mentioned earlier within the strategic framework, a number of focus areas are identified, and a strategy is broken down per focus area or channel. By implementing the secondary strategies forms a correlation to each channel offering a personalised format appealing to each audience.

To sparkle even brighter, apart from the strategies for each individual channel, your business needs to highlight the precise support to achieve the overall vision and goals. In other words, the time spent, voice-tone, content type, and text length, that will be pumped to each channel. Other important aspects are the amount of posting, publishing or uploading required to achieve the perfect balance between presence and disturbance.

Unikorn breaks down these channels to prioritise the necessary interaction, format, content type, or copy length, through a thought-after plan. These services with which we can help to scale your channels and perfect your message are, among others:

  • Developing your company's vision into target images and KPIs.
  • Creating:
    • A strategic framework for all channels and focus areas.
    • Strategies for each individual channel or focus area.
    • A priority action plan
  • Result follow-ups assuring project learning outcomes.

Channel strategy benefits

Up to this point, we’ve informed you about the importance of tailored messaging within each given channel chosen to increase your digital presence and visibility. Now let’s have a glimpse at the advantages this framework provides, and let’s begin by presenting some channels.

Among the most important communication channels, the most obvious is the website, others, are social media platforms, forums, press releases, podcasts, messaging apps, or authority site. As part of the process, these channels have to be divided into smaller parts. To understand this procedure we’ll focus on home-base; the website.

We hope the information presented has given you the understanding to embrace channel strategies and start implementing them. In the case, you are in need of a helping hand, due to lack of time, knowledge or womanpower, don’t despair because we have you covered. The only thing you are required to do is contact us!

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