Channel strategies

To achieve results from your channels in the fastest possible and most efficient way, you must have a well-thought-out plan.

Digital Strategies in smaller pieces

Everything magic starts with a vision, that is translated into a strategic framework. The strategy framework will steer all projects and investments you will need to make to achieve your goal. Within the strategic framework, a number of focus areas are identified, and a strategy is broken down per focus area or channel.

To sparkle brighter, you need strategies for each individual channel, highlighting what you need to do to support the company's overall vision and goals.

Unikorn can help with:

  • Developing and translating your company's vision into target images and KPIs
  • Creating a strategic framework for all channels and focus areas
  • Creating strategies for each individual channel or focus area
  • Creating a priority action plan
  • Get follow-ups into the work and make sure that you learn from your projects