Web Analysis and Measuring

It is obvious, that one of the major priorities for your website is to perform, and for this to happen you need to know where to improve or boost. To achieve this vision of your digital presence you need to measure it and measure it right! Bringing your digital presence to our expertise, will provide you with learning processes to takeaway and implement.

Stats or your digital presence never happened!

Having an optimised website performance measure is key to learn from your business’ gains and failures. Without this implementation inside the strategy chain, we are dancing headless chickens, moving around the digital sphere without rhyme and reason. Inputting into the charts, indications of poor performance, and turning the tables form an investment to a black-hole sucking budgets without any positive ROI.

Limping in this area makes the path to better and strive for greater results, hugely complex. Even-more-so when it comes to knowing what metrics are key to understanding your customer’s journey and experience. Some measuring factors to keep in mind when tracking the data produced by customers, users or reviewers, on your website are:

  • Sessions
  • Leads, sign-ups, conversions, purchases and other goal completions
  • Funnels and what channels your users used to end up completing a goal
  • User experience metrics such as Core Web Vitals and the other experience metrics

Being able to acknowledge the potential of these metrics or measuring factors, is vital for, e.g. actioning a specific page, boosting time and budget on it, or on the contrary, cease the time and budget on a webpage.

Unikorn’s web analysis and measuring benefits

As mentioned earlier, bringing your digital presence to our expertise, will provide you with learning processes to takeaway and implement. Let the Unikorn team help you seize the opportunities and learn processes that come with years of experience in the analytical environment, with these services:

  • Defining your events and goals- Structuring the key measuring factors to analyse and being aware of poor performance indicators on the spot, to act upon them and change the pattern.
  • Set them up in your preferred analytics tool- We don’t impose a metric tool, of course, we can recommend, but it is up to you which one will be used.
  • Testing and assuring events and goals fire to measure- As partner-performance within your digital presence we initiate a testing stage to prove acknowledgement is complete, and you can handle the process on your own.
  • Dashboards and reports set-up to an on-demand basis- As a result of the above, we provide ready-to-use dashboards and reports that are at your reach on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Take your business’ digital needs to a whole new level of insightful data that permits actionability, flexibility, and boosting. Acquiring a digital presence birds-eye-view that facilitates the learning process, and thus constantly tailoring messages that suit your customers’ online journey.

Are your analytical tools presenting these patterns, and helping you to engage with your customers and target groups? If it isn’t the case, and you want to recharge your analysis stack, we are here to fix it by adding rainbows and Unikorns into your reports.

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