SEO - Search engine visibility

SEO or search engine optimisation involves a complex intertwined process formation and our experts execute it at growth hacking levels. Simply because SEO is in our genes, and we love it!

SEO to super-boost businesses organic visibility

The Unikorn team are SEO initiators, performing the technique and perfecting it since the Internet’s beginning, and in the process has aided small, medium, large and gigantic sites to better their online visibility through organic search. Enter our realm of experienced experts who will assist your business’ SEO efforts to set them on the fast-track; quickly.

The SEO team enters the equation to help in the initial stages to make sure you follow the correct path, and in the right order. Regardless of whether it's about creating the right content, making sure that the technology works or a good link structure, we have you covered!

As presented, a Unikorn SEO superhero helps your company, start-up, enterprise, and/or family business, to grow organically with:

  • Start-up workshop focusing on search intentions- Informational, commercial, and transactional.
  • Content analysis- Activating new channels, and enhancing performance on existing ones, as well as, if necessary, eliminating poor-performing ones.
  • Keyword analysis- A thorough keyword digital market picture to increase presence, and act on opportunities.
  • Technical analysis- The process in which search engine bots and crawlers perceive the website’s content structure.
  • Link analysis- Focusing on the link presentation, in other words, the readability of these from the point of view of the customer and search engine bot indexers.

After these steps have been deciphered by our SEO superheroes, we culminate and present a fully stashed report, with step-by-step recommendations and order of priority. Don’t worry about anything, because if you prefer the implementation of the recommendations, done by the Unikorn team, we will, of course, back you up. A service applicable to ongoing reports and follow-ups for you to appreciate the strategy evolution.

SEO benefits for digital presence

At this point, we understand SEO is a factor adjusting the searchability and visibility of your company’s website, but there are other benefits. Let’s present some of these to enlarge the picture and understanding the empowerment it adds to growth hacking online presence.

  • The primary website traffic source comes from organic search- Meaning by this, that users, customers, and interested, arrive at websites, webpages, or landing pages through search engines.
  • SEO is a credited track to reach customer trust and credibility- The usage of SEO constructs a content network, promoting informational, educative or helpful texts, videos, podcasts or newsletters. Targetting the whole search cycle, acting on informational, commercial, and transactional search formulated by target groups.
  • SEO also results in a better UX- Search engine optimisation innately forms a clean and user-friendly UX (user experience), assuring the website’s actionable workflow provides the search intent in a quick and precise way.
  • Local SEO increases engagement, traffic and conversions- Due to the exponential smartphone evolution, this aspect has grown its importance. Therefore, applying SEO techniques to mobile naturally elevates engagement, perfects traffic quality, and ROI (return of investment).
  • Accentuates the buying cycle- People who surf the web for specific services or products, most of the time will initiate it by opening a search engine (Google, Bing, Yandex. DuckDuckGo, Brave, Ecosia, etc.). A clear sign shining a light on the value well-positioned, by indexation, content delivers to the journey closing stage.

These are just five benefits search engine optimisation adds to the digital marketing mix, setting the corporations online visibility in centre-stage. A spotlight with the potential to convert the content into referral, shareable, or sought-after content.

How does SEO work?

To conclude we present a glimpse to the factors that search engine bots and crawlers take into account to position a webpage in the ranking list. Before, indicate the reality that a high percentage of the time web surfers don’t access second-page search engine lists.

The indicators providing crawlers and search bots ranking information towards indexing websites, webpages, and social media posts; are:

  • Domain-level:

    • Keyword-agnostic features - Domain length, TLD extension, or HTTP response time.
    • Keyword usage - Exact and partial keyword matches.
    • Brand features - Offline usage, brand mentions, in news, media or press.
  • Social metrics- Quantity and quality of tweeted links, social media shares (Facebook).

  • Page-level, keyword-agnostic features- Content length, readability, uniqueness, load speed, etc.

As you can observe, there are a number of factors to add to the SEO mix to attain professional expertise to reach the organic visibility desired. The #1 search engine page where only the top-10 ranked appear. We have the know-how, experience, wo-manpower, and expertise to set you on track to visibility at top-ten levels of the search engines algorithms.

Does this presentation accredit SEO’s performance towards a solid digital presence for your business, corporation, start-up, or multinational? If your answer is YES, waste no more time, contact us, and we'll detail how to apply it to your website content.

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