Amanda Ljungberg

Meet our SEO Unikorn Amanda Ljungberg. Amanda is a curious person who always wants to learn something new and gladly uses Google for virtually everything.

We are growing! On the first Monday of this year, Amanda had her first day at Unikorn, and we are super happy she wanted to come work with us! Curious as we are, we have asked her a few questions about her background and why the choice of agency ended on Unikorn.

Amanda Ljungberg

Hi Amanda and a warm Welcome to Unikorn! What did you do before you started with us?

Hi, and thank you for letting me work with you! I recently graduated as an online marketer at Medieinstitutet, and I’ve done both my internship and master thesis on SEO. Before I started my studies I worked as a store manager for two lingerie-stores.

How did you come to decide to start doing SEO?

During my education we had a course in SEO and I got to try smaller SEO tasks, this left me with so much curiosity about the subject. During my thesis and internship I chose to dig deeper into SEO and I got completely hooked. I think that SEO is so incredibly wide, and it includes both technical, analytical and creative parts, just what I need in a job. It’s a niche that never leaves you fully trained or bored.

Why did you choose Unikorn as your employer?

Unikorn is what I’ve searched for in SEO. I was looking for an agency that worked closely with their customers, where you could get the full picture and space to do a thorough job. I also had a wish to work closely with people that have a lot of experience and competence to learn from, and there was Unikorn offering me all of that and more. Not to mention that the work hours, work space and other benefits all checked my boxes on a work wish-list. We’re just a perfect match!

What are your SEO superpowers?

I think my SEO superpowers right now lie more in my personality traits than in a specific part of the work. I am (and always have been) a very curious and meticulous person that always wants to learn something new and gladly uses Google to get answers for precisely everything. I think that’s what my foundation is, for my SEO superpowers.

Do you have any SEO role models?

Well, I do have the benefit of having my boss as one of my SEO-role models (guess if I was starstruck during the interview!). But besides Ulrika I’ve always listened a bit extra to Aleyda Solis, I think that she gives a lot of incredibly useful knowledge in what she is sharing.

What are your other interests and is there anything funny we did not know about you?

On a dream day, I’m out on a hike with my fiance and dog, taking photos of nature. Or we’re cuddled up on the sofa watching a series that preferably has more than six seasons. To fill up my endorphins I go to the stable or spend some time in a dance studio.

Something fun you did not know about me.. Hmm .. I’ll give you a list of things that some of my closest friends say about me. Incredibly picky with food (maybe not so funny), work extra as a model, love to hike (preferably as tough as possible) and possibly consumes the highest number of energy drinks in all of Uppsala.

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