Felicia Öhrn

Meet our organiser and second in command at Unikorn! Felicia Öhrn has a sixth sens in all human behaviour, including search behaviour and life on the Internet! Felicia's focus always lies on understanding the person behind the search. These traits makes magic in any situation needing a creative solution. Such as ideas for how to interact with a specific group of people with a nerdy passion.

SEO Unikorn

Felicia Öhrn

Felicia's story

Felicia has a degree in sociology, and experience of working with people in both administrative contexts and in face to face interactions. She has the ability to read the situation and research for the most optimal solution for projects.

By utilising the relationship touchpoint between man and technology, she will cease more opportunities and ultimately reach set goals.

Felicia’s super powers

  • Content marketing and creative content planning
  • Connecting the user intents to the brand and it’s services.
  • Competitor and content analysis

Fun facts you didn’t know about Felicia

  • Felicia can speak backwards on demand, a skill she has had since first learning to read at five.
  • She “sees” the number of letters and syllables in each word, which is actually why she has the ability to swiftly toss them around and speak backwards.

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