Website Migrations

Moving places is always a hassle, moving websites is no exception. Luckily, we have helped a vast number of site owners migrate their webs and know all the pitfalls you should avoid. Also, we are good at doing the heavy lifting.

Let us take care of moving your website

Website migrations can look very differently, depending on what is being moved where, and what resources you already have in-house, or in other consultants.

There are a bunch of best practices to be followed, and there are many pitfalls to step into. At Unikorn, we have migrated a large number of websites and have probably done most of the mistakes already, which can be useful for you!

Unikorn can help you move sites and platform with the following things:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Audit of the new website
  • Link Audits of the old website
  • Set up auditing for both old and new website, in order to compare the results after the migration and more quickly find the errors that need to be mended ASAP.
  • URL migration mapping
  • Set up and testing of new tracking services

Successful migration equals steady continuous traffic

As you may already know, migrations are like the monsters under the bed for the SEO Manager. Nothing can ruin years of brilliant SEO work as a web migration.

Make sure you have done everything you can do right, before you let the new site shine like a star all over the Search engines!

If you need a Unikorn hand, let us know!

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