Digital and Web Project Management

Your project is important! We get that and leave nothing to chance, thus, we want to follow your strategy through. Providing a well-structured web project to cement your company’s digital presence for the long-run.

Unikorn webs always shine brighter

The secret sauce lies in obtaining the best building foundations possible from the word go, and we can help you. Our expert team, hands-on, will plan the web project based on your customer’s user-intent, gaining an increase in customers content interaction.

A factor that enables better paths for leads, conversion and authority, resulting in growth hacking digital presence levels. As performance-partners, our compromise with your web development goes through all stages and concludes by handing a website ready to rocket the virtual space.

Do you want a clean bulleted web project launch to rocket the search engine indexing lists? We at Unikorn help you reach these boosting website capacities by:

  • Stakeholders and key-actors involvement- Acquiring attention from these at early-stages provides a clean and clear path toward set-targets.
  • Elegant and agile processes project plan- Through the experience and expertise, Unikorn’s team have, we understand developers delivering agile processes to them.
  • Setting stakeholder’s requirements- As a result of guaranteeing stakeholders attention early-on, we can implement their necessities within the web project.
  • Assuring continuous and relevant communication- Another extra that comes with years of web project experience, is the capacity to formulate top-tier communications.
  • Involve the needed functions- Acting upon the functionality desired to achieve, we perform the actions, even if it means recruiting!

Does this sound like a project you want to take part in?

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