This is how we make it a reality.

We’re your best friend when it comes to helping you find the best path to a successful digital strategy. We know how to handle every aspect of your Digital Marketing.

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One size fits No-one

A solid digital strategy is not about packaged solutions with silver or gold names, it is a tailored solution designed for your needs.

A strategy work with Unikorn always starts with your business goals and ends in a tangible plan, ready to start growing your business. You might already have one in place that needs some reviewing and revamp, or you need a new one entirely. Our experts help you either way and wont let your go until the strategy is fully delivered, handed over and we are sure you are ready to continue to do the work on your own.

UNIKORN can help you with:

  • translate your business vision to goals and KPIs
  • create a strategic framework for all channels and focus areas
  • create strategies for every individual channel or focus area
  • create a list of actions with prioritised items
  • create processes for follow-ups to make sure you implement your learnings and take-aways

Does this sound like a plan? Let's talk more over a coffee.