Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the invisible, under-the-hood strategies and optimisations that make sure search engines can crawl and index your website. If Google can’t do this, your website won’t be ranked. From modifications at code level to the structure of the website, we can help you both catch and keep Google’s attention. Before long, your content will reach its full potential.

Don't forget the launching pad

Conversations about search engine optimisation often focus on how to make a page rank higher. But while talk about trajectories is important, your ranking rocket has to actually launch to begin with.

While your content and off-page SEO can be the best in the world, a poorly structured website can prevent you from being found and picked up to begin with. Technical SEO ensures that your website meets the standard set by search engines such as Google. It covers everything from security and loading speeds to mobile optimisation and site architecture.

There are hundreds of overlapping factors that come into play when doing technical SEO. Three main branches that are good starting points are indexing, accessibility, and rendering.

  • Indexing– Make sure you get added to the ranking index. Or prevent search engines from doing so.
  • Accessibility– Solve potential bottlenecks and dead-ends in the crawling process.
  • Rendering– Create the best conditions for search engine bots to understand your website.

We regularly find and tame even the most elusive unicorns when it comes to technical SEO. There are no variables that escape us. We will help you create the best foundation from which to launch your SEO strategies.

Rocket my SEO!