Transform Your Data into Insights

In a world where data is available in endless amounts, the ability to understand and communicate the information is crucial for creating valuable impact. Unikorn's team helps you transform complex data sets into clear and engaging insights. Our expertise in this area is a fundamental part of our data-driven work in our work with SEO and conversion optimization.

Common Challenges

Navigating all available data is often overwhelming. Commonly, companies struggle to make their data meaningful and useful. Our expertise lies in identifying and extracting the most valuable and relevant data points.

Unikorn’s Process for Data Visualization

  1. Understanding the Business: We start with defining a strategy for which data actually creates value for your business goals through our KPI process.
  2. Quality Assurance and Accessibility: We analyze available data to ensure that necessary data is available, and is reliable through our process for efficient data collection.
  3. User-friendly Dashboards: We design each visualization with the recipient in mind, to ensure that it is not only informative but also easy to understand and engaging.
  4. Feedback and Iteration: Through close contact with the client, we take in feedback for necessary adjustments. Through collaboration, we ensure that each visualization is relevant and effective.
  5. Continuous Analysis: If needed, we deliver regular reports of data visualized in efficient dashboards with accompanying analyses and recommendations from data-driven insights.

The Value of Effective Visualization

By clearly presenting complex data, we help you with data-driven decision-making and strategies. Our visualizations offer concrete insights that contribute to value-creating decisions and actions. Through efficient filtering, processing, and presentation of data, we can help you achieve better business results based on data-driven understanding.

Unikorn is ready to help you transform data into insights.

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