SEO Friendly Web

SEO is not something you do only after your website has been launched. We believe it can and should be weaved into the very fabric of your website. Good SEO should be part of the conversation all the way from conception and development to launch and beyond. This is SEO Friendly Web, web development with SEO in focus.


A lot of SEO is technical. It happens within the code and structure of your website. Therefore, it’s only natural that you should begin implementing it during the development phase of your website. Simultaneously, SEO can look very different depending on the purpose of your website. It is more individual than you might think. To make sure that the design of your website is properly aligned with your users’ intent and search engine requirements, it’s important to consider SEO best practices and your future SEO strategy right from the start.

In order to make your website shine as bright as the North Star, our Unikorns will weave together our expert SEO knowledge with your vision, key stakeholder requirements, and your developers’ magic touch. We will make sure your website courts both users and search engines, striking a balance between a user-friendly experience and pages that are easy to crawl and index. By bringing us in early, our work with your website goes through all stages of development and concludes by handing over a website ready to rocket into virtual space.

We speak the ancient languages of web developers and will work alongside them the entire journey and beyond, from conceptualisation to the top of the ranking pages. The threads of your web will become pure magic.

Yes, I want the magic fabric!