Conversion Optimization for increased profitability

To convert means that the visitor performs a desired action on the website, such as completing a purchase or contacting the company. Conversion optimization is about making it more attractive and easy for users to perform these actions. Our goal is to create a seamless and inviting conversion experience from when the user starts searching for information online to when the person converts.

Common Challenges

In many cases, significant investments are made to drive traffic to one's website through advertising or SEO, but there is a lack of focus on capitalizing on the traffic being relevant and creating real value through conversion. This mistake is often linked to focusing on quantity rather than quality in one's objectives and KPIs.

Conversion optimization is about understanding the user's needs and experiences throughout the journey to conversion. To succeed, the right communication at the right place is required, a user-friendly structure to create simple and engaging navigation opportunities towards conversion, and ensuring no technical barriers such as broken functions or slow loading times cause the visitor to abort their visit.

Our Optimization Process

  1. Current State Analysis: We start by analyzing current web traffic flows to map out how the content performs and where users interrupt their customer journey.
  2. Target Audience Analysis: Through keyword analysis, we identify the target audience's greatest needs in the journey towards conversion according to our model for the Search Customer Journey.
  3. Strategy: Once we have a picture of the current state of the web's performance for conversion, we prioritize actions based on what is most value-creating from a business and user perspective.
  4. Implementation: For both effective and sustainable results, we generally recommend implementing simpler adjustments that can quickly go into production, alongside more extensive investments for the web to perform over the long term. If possible, we recommend that major changes be implemented gradually to effectively track their impact through A/B testing.
  5. Follow-up and Iteration: After each implementation, we follow up on the results to gain valuable insights for further improvement and optimization.

The Value of Conversion Optimization

By improving the conversion rate, companies effectively increase the return on their investments. A higher conversion rate leads to higher sales and revenues without necessarily increasing traffic to the website. The goal is to specifically attract the profitable target audience and make it attractive for them to perform what adds value to the business.

When we optimize for conversion, the user experience naturally improves through investments focused on the user, which in turn strengthens customer loyalty and brand.

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