SEO Strategy

SEO doesn’t have a finish line. There is no goal you can reach after which you are done. But this doesn’t mean you can’t set your own goals. In fact, it makes it much more important to define what you want your SEO to achieve. These personal goals, and the ways to get there, is your SEO Strategy. It’s your treasure map. At Unikorn, we are experienced treasure hunters. We can help you both draw the map and get you there.

The Importance of a Guide

Just as there is usually an old wizard leading the heroes on their quest, you need to know how to reach your destination. An SEO strategy is your guide, and will tell you where you are, what comes next, and what challenges might stand in your way. Putting together this strategy can involve several things:

  • Creating a list of keywords
  • Analysing Google and the competition
  • Deciding relevant content strategies
  • Exploring how to synergise your different channels

A carefully constructed strategy, tailored to your specific goals and needs, will save both time and money. It will produce better results than following a generic strategy, or no strategy at all.

Our Unikorns will be at your side from step 0 until you’ve reached your goals and beyond. We will help you define your goals. Then, we will both plan, formulate, and implement the best strategy for you, and help you tweak it as the journey progresses.

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