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We’re your best friend when it comes to helping you find the path to a successful digital strategy. We have the know-how and experience to handle every aspect of your Digital Marketing, and thus, will be by your side throughout the entire process. From the initial stages to follow-ups, revisions, and course direction, a solid constant SEO, web project and digital strategies' performance-partner.

Reaching your digital community

Our Marketing ingredient to reach growth hacking levels inside digital communities is formed with a mixture of curated specialities. A service and tool formation compiling three pillars: SEO (search engine optimisation), SoMe (social media), and CM (content marketing).

To grasp Unikorn’s Marketing motions let’s present some basic descriptions to these marketing steppingstones, that help achieve growth hacking status.

Search engine optimisation

SEO is in Unikorn’s genes because we’ve been at it since the internet’s dawning, offering analytical services to a wide array of businesses. Involving our Unikorn Superhero SEO focusing on:

  • Search intention start-up workshop.
  • Content analysis review.
  • Keyword structure analysis.
  • Technical bot-friendly analysis
  • Link analysis authoritativeness.

A company’s data footprint digital presence compilation leading to a culminating report, presenting necessary recommendations and an actionable order of priority. Knowing fixed and inflexible procedure paths are downfalls, we help implement recommendations, including ongoing reports and follow-ups.


Technical SEO, Content Planning and Outreach


Content Marketing

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

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