A website is like a present. Whether big, small, colourful, or too tightly wrapped, the contents are what we want to get our hands on. It’s no surprise that content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. At Unikorn, we know our way around both content strategies and gift giving. We can help you make a gift that will win the hearts of both users and search engines.

Putting the user first

When doing SEO, many forget the user. They work as if search engine bots are the website’s target audience. This results in pages filled with irrelevant and bloated content. It’s easy to assume that creating content in this way will help you rank higher. But the question is what good that will do if no one wants to stay on your page?

User-focused SEO means creating content that is relevant. It engages the user and guides them through every step of the user journey. You have to provide the information users both want and need. To do this you have to look beyond the content of individual landing pages.

We always analyse content holistically. This means creating a strategy that synergises the content between all your digital channels. Statistics show that up to 60% of material generated by marketing departments can go unused. To prevent that you need to create strategies that properly activate your content, so it reaches its audience. This increases user retention, which reflects positively on both ranking and conversion.

  • Content Creation – Finding the balance between flirting with search engines and making users want to keep reading.
  • Content Gap Analysis – Identify the potholes in your user journey and discover untapped keywords.
  • Keyword Analysis – SEO’s firstborn. Analyse what users are searching for and weave relevant keywords into your strategy.

At Unikorn, we have diverse professional backgrounds and a broad knowledge base. This allows us to approach every task holistically. Our strategies are always part of a whole that puts the user in focus, while making sure your ranking reaches its full potential. In short, our SEO creates the best experience for both your user and you.

Become the gift that keeps on giving