On-page SEO

All SEO that affects what a user can see on your page, as well as the mechanics behind it, is considered On-Page SEO. This means that both Technical SEO and Content SEO to a large extent fall under its umbrella. Its counterpart is Off-Page SEO, which concerns everything outside your website. We know both like the front and back of our hand.

"If you build it, they will come"

On-Page SEO serves multiple purposes. It makes sure search engine bots can both properly understand your page and navigate around your website to crawl and index other pages. But beyond the search engines it also concerns itself with creating the best user experience. It is work both behind and in front of the camera to improve both the user journey and your ranking.

There are a large number of areas that fall within these purposes, such as:

  • Content
  • Internal links
  • Page loading speed
  • User accessibility
  • Title tags

These are but a few examples, but even within this small list some items are more straightforward than others. Internal links and content have different levels of complexity, but both are integral in helping bots navigate your website and creating a seamless user journey.

  • Site Structure - Create a website structure that both users and bots can easily navigate
  • Internal Linking - Spread link equity and help your website help itself

There might seem to be an endless number of variables involved in On-Page SEO, and it’s true that it covers a lot of ground. But the good news is that unlike Off-Page SEO, you have full control over On-Page SEO. And the great news is that you’ve found us. Our Unikorns are licensed magicians when it comes to everything SEO. We will build a strategy tailored to your needs and guide you to the top.