Unikorns, for when you need a miracle

We’re your best friend when it comes to helping you find the best path to a successful digital strategy. We know how to handle every aspect of your Digital Marketing.

Meet the Unikorn Marketing crew

It is true, Unicorns are mythical creatures - they do not exist in the real world. But if they did, what would they be like?

We believe a Unikorn is that someone who ticks all the boxes in any recruiters list of experience, knowledge and education requirements. A Unikorn does always know what to do and how to magically make those magic numbers appear in your spread sheets.

Now, a Unikorn is never alone - our strength is in our combined knowledge, experience, creativity and past projects. Together we are the best there is.

Ulrika Viberg, Unikorn

Founder of Unikorn, Senior SEO Unikorn with a passion for Digital Strategeis and Web projects

Felicia Öhrn

Felicia Öhrn - SEO Specialist


Experts on Digital Strategies, Content, Creative projects and SoMe