Sara Boberg

Meet Sara, a curious SEO Unikorn with passion for data driven developement of new solutions.

SEO Specialist & Web Analyst

Sara Boberg Unikorn


Sara has been working with digital strategies and web analytics since 2018. 📈 She loves to take on new challenges and projects. During her first four years in her digital career she has been working with digital strategies at two agencies, one media house and as a freelancer before deciding to become a thoroughbred Unikorn 🦄. In addition, Sara is currently working with digital marketing for a training studio. 🤸

Sara’s super powers

  • Google Analytics
  • Data Based Strategies
  • SEO

What makes Sara’s inner Unikorn jump around with joy?

“Besides challenging myself with web optimization, I love to dance, to entertain myself with DIY interior design projects, sailing and spending time with friends and family.”

Random facts about Sara

  • Sara is a silver medalist in Swedish Championships in Pole Sports. 🥈
  • Sara has been a member of a (friendly) motorcycle club “Motorcykelentusiasterna” since birth. 🏍️

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