Off-page SEO

SEO begins on your website. But it’s equally important to consider the rest of the internet and beyond. This is what is known as Off-page SEO, strategies affecting ranking that take place outside of your website. There are many portals you can open back to your website. We’ll help you find them all.

Earn Google's trust

In a sense, Off-page SEO is the method of increasing your trustworthiness by having external platforms talk about you. In other words, the more you are referenced outside your own website, the more search engines will trust you. We all know trust is important, and according to some research, Off-page SEO can be responsible for around 50% of a page’s ranking. Every time an external website links to your website, you become more trustworthy.

Another angle is that you can use your own external channels, such as social media, to activate the content on your website and attract your target audience. Some would even argue that word of mouth is its own form of local Off-page SEO.

While Off-page SEO covers much, we usually divide it into three main branches.

  • Backlinking and PR – Get Google’s attention by having everyone else talk about you
  • Content activation – Make sure the content you create is fully utilised and reaches its target audience
  • Influencer collaboration – Team up with relevant individuals to increase your visibility

At Unikorn, we are experts at creating a seamless synergy between your On-Page and Off-page SEO. We make sure both complement the other in a way that unlocks the full ranking potential of your website.