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How to create an easy-to-use report for Social Media

If you want to work strategically and goal-oriented with social media, measurement and follow-up are crucial. But how do you start and what do you measure in different channels?

Anna Råström - 04/11/19

Some time ago, I held a course in Social Media for a group of entrepreneurs, and at that time I developed a very simple template for SoMe reporting to start with if you haven't worked with statistics and follow-up for Social Media before. The template is a Google Docs and you want to copy it and use it for your own use by clicking on the link and save a copy.

The template contains a tab for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, but you have to fill in the numbers manually. The easiest way to download Facebook statistics is to download page data from Facebook insights. You can find the Instagram statistics directly in the Instagram app and the LinkedIn statistics can also be downloaded from your company page on Linkedin.

Get the template here!

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