Website Projects user-focused with advanced SEO

We can help you make the most out of your new shiny web thing! Because you want it not only to be a success, but also really really good, and fast. You also want search engines to like it so much, it shows off your shine web thing on its search result pages.

Make your website perform its best

Whenever you need Unikorn aid for doing a retake of your existing website or create a new one, we are here to help you reach this goal and make your updated or new website shine! Our SEO-friendly focus not only adds success, but it also performs.

Website Migration

Unikorn offers advanced website migration services for both large and small migration projects. We help you with everything from planing the whole project to mapping up the redirects to monitoring the results before and after the move.

Project Management

The secret sauce lies in building the best web thing you possibly can from the start. We can help you with planning the web project based on your customers user intent, so that the customers more easily can interact with your content.

Website Requirements

We help you writing up proper requirements for your developers, so that they know what you want and how they can do their absolute best work. Because you want not only the latest technology, but also the fastest and with all the extra SEO trimmings.

How does Unikorn’s SEO-friendly web development service work?

Unikorn’s advanced SEO web projects for building a new or upgrading a website is configured by applying specific techniques based on three main services. These are compiled in website migration, requirements, and management, for start-up, corporation, and multinational web building.

To accomplish our web development services, we provide a professional team of experts focused on each part of the process. Forming a well-communicated website offering a UX-friendly presentation, accommodating paths for bots and crawlers, and comprehensible configurations to set up top-notch migrations, requirements, and management.