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Bra SEO är skillnaden mellan att ranka bland Googles toppresultat och att hamna på den tredje sidan. Vår hemlighet för en förstaklassig SEO är att låta användaren hamna i fokus, självklart anpassat efter dina specifika behov. Vi är erfarna SEO-magiker och kommer att vara dina bästa vänner på din framgångsresa.

SEO vs. Unikorn SEO

Sökmotoroptimering, eller SEO, har blivit något av en osynlig hörnsten i digital marknadsföring. Kortfattat är det flera optimeringsstrategier och taktiker som hjälper din webbplats att ranka högre i sökmotorer som Google. Detta kan i sin tur ha en dramatisk effekt på den organiska trafiken.

Med över 50 miljoner individuella sökningar på Google varje dag, blir SEO ett kostnadseffektivt komplement till dina andra digitala kanaler. Det här har tyvärr lett till att många har glömt sina användare och ser sökmotorrobotar som sin målgrupp.

På Unikorn flirtar vi med botarna samtidigt som vi aldrig glömmer användaren. Våra strategier är alltid användarfokuserade och ser till att de får den typen av upplevelse som bygger lojalitet.

Vårt tillvägagångssätt lämnar ingen sten ovänd, och vår breda kunskapsbas låter oss hjälpa dig med allt SEO har att erbjuda:


Technical SEO, Content Planning and Outreach


Content Marketing

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms

SoMe has evolved incredibly in the past decade, forming huge communities that interact with each other on a daily basis. A place, where companies have the opportunity to create connections and interactions within a given platform, accentuating brand-awareness. A crucial step for a well-established company’s online presence, that has to be nurtured daily to be able to achieve set-goals.

Upon these necessities, we can add the correct platform selection that is decided by the customer’s social media usage. Thus, a company’s target persona can be focused on specific social media platforms, forming a content strategy to primarily interact. As such, Unikorn’s SoMe provides a range of actions which include, among others:

  • Strategy, current situation and audience analysis.
  • Goals and KPIs.
  • Setting up accounts and Ad accounts.
  • Content publishing plan.
  • Producing the content.
  • Tailored campaigns.

Resulting in a social media super-boost connecting your business with customers who will promote your services and/or products. A harmonious sharing interaction, evolving into a structured branding consolidation inside an immense virtual space walked by millions of end-users.

Content marketing

A good content marketing description is working content to attract and interest your target group instead of adding to the buzz experienced in their everyday feed. Another way of presenting this vital skill required in Unikorn Marketing is:

  • Content Marketing - Good content marketing strives-away from advertising as the interruption between the TV shows, and strives-towards Content Marketing being the TV show itself.

Levelling your content to become prime is timing consuming and a complex procedure that needs meditation and care. Being as it is, keeping a holistic view is vital, for content marketing, and other marketing areas, a fact forcing the production content initiation, to analyse the why, what and how.

In this sense, we always start by canvassing the current situation, purpose and goals, each corporation, start-up, and multinational present. An overview of the marketing focus achievements, and the why's, once these are pictured, as a second step we map target groups and customer journeys, form a strategy, and a content plan accordingly.

When it comes to the content production we do it together with you and/or our specialists, producing texts, video series, podcasts or curated content suiting your business and target group/s. A usual publication in our strategy combines several formats, an action squeezing to the last drop the content published.

In a succinct way, Unikorn’s content marketing offers a series of expertise formed under the company’s accordance and/or our professional team, including:

  • Current situation analysis.
  • Target group analysis.
  • Customer journey.
  • Content plan.
  • Content production, text, image and video.
  • SEO and search customer journey.
  • Social media outreach.

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