Unikorn’s growth hacking magic process

We’re your best friend when it comes to helping you find the path to a successful digital strategy. We have the know-how and experience to handle every aspect of your Digital Marketing, and thus, will be by your side throughout the entire process. From the initial stages to follow-ups, revisions, and course direction, a solid constant SEO, web project and digital strategies' performance-partner.

One size fits no-one is Unikorn’s approach

A solid digital marketing strategy, at growth hacking level, is not formed through silver or gold named packaged solutions, it is tailored designed to your specific needs. A set of steps we take via the paths target personas walk in the digital space.

Therefore, Unikorn’s strategy workflow always starts with your business’ goals, ending with a tangible plan, ready to begin the growth hacking of your business. A strategy proposal open to already existing ones that need some reviewing and revamp, or an entirely new one.

Our expert team, comprising social media, copywriting, and SEO experienced professionals are ready to help either way. A compact force that will not let you leave until the strategy is fully delivered, handed over and the Unikorn professionals are convinced your business’ goals are ready to be continued on your own.

To give you a taste of these services offered, to deliver top-notch results, Unikorn helps corporations, small businesses, and global enterprises, as well as, family businesses with:

  • Translation of your business vision to goals and KPIs.

  • Creation of:

    • A strategic framework for channels and focus areas.
    • Specific strategies for each channel and focus area.
    • A prioritised actionability item-list.
    • Follow-up processes to assure learning and takeaway implementations.

A consistent method resulting in your business’ digital presence skyrocketing and leading to automatic pilot in-house performance. We set the stage, cast the channels, identify focus areas, ignite your actionable item-list, and form concrete knowledgeable practices, for safe, productive, self-serving company’s growth hacking digital journey.

Does this glimpse into our tailored game plan move your taste buds? Let's continue our conversation over a coffee, or as we say in Sweden “fika time”.

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