Julia Tiilikainen

Meet Julia, the Unikorn you either see under a pile of keywords research, finding new ways to delight users with relevant content.

SEO Unikorn

Julia Tiilikainen SEO Unikorn

Julia’s super powers

  • Keyword research done extra thoroughly and connected to the search customer journey
  • Content ideations based on your users demands and search behavior
  • Technical Analysis

What makes Julias’s inner Unikorn jump around with joy?

" When I am not studying or searching for our clients untapped possibilities, I love to spend time around the stable with my horses."

Fun facts you didn’t know about Julia

  • Julia has worked as a Lord of the Rings Guide, on horseback, in New Zealand!
  • How to spot Julia on a wild concert: She’s the one breaking up the crowd to start a mosh pit.

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