Ulrika Viberg

Meet our founder and owner, the woman behind Unikorn! Ulrika Viberg has a solid background in all things web considered, with a deep knowledge in Technical SEO, Web Projects and Digital Strategies!

Agency Owner and Senior SEO Unikorn

Ulrika Viberg, Founder of Unikorn

Ulrika's Story

Ulrika has worked in the search business since 2007, with both organic and paid search, in-house and as a consultant. Before starting her own agency, she worked with a few of the largest companies in the world, such as eBay, Rocket Internet, eDreams and Omnicom Media Group. Ulrika started Unikorn in 2016 in order to be a full-time consultant at eBay Classifieds Global Growth Team. In 2018, Ulrika decided to take on multiple clients and converted Unikorn to an agency.

Ulrika’s super powers

  • Technical SEO and JavaScript SEO
  • Digital Strategies and Content Strategies
  • PR SEO and Content Marketing
  • Product Owner and Project Manager

What makes Ulrika’s inner Unikorn jump around with joy?

When I’m not optimising my clients websites, or helping them setting their goals and strategies, I love to do various art and crafts projects, like photographing, painting, sewing or stitching. Beautiful things make me happy :)

I also love to ski downhills and mountain hiking. I grew up in the north of Sweden, we had sleigh dogs and spent a lot of time in the big wild Swedish forests.

If there is a good book to read, I don’t say no to that either.

Fun facts you didn’t know about Ulrika

  • Ulrika won a county championship in moped driving 1988, in her county.
  • Once she was clocked skiing downhill (on a rather slow run) at 78 kilometers per hour.
  • She is a killer at grammar and conversational analysis.

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